Gaseous Effluent Monitoring and Sampling System

System for measurement of radioactive noble gases and sampling of aerosols and iodine in the containment after LOCA accident.
Nuclear power plants
Research centres

Key Features

  • Monitoring radioactive noble gases and sampling of particulates and iodine
  • Seismic-resistant design
  • Operation after the LOCA accident
  • Classified as category C according to EN 61226
  • Measurement of the dose rate from the particulates and iodine filters
  • Safe transport and evaluation of the filters
  • Local and remote control and display


The GEMS-400 series monitors are designed for measurement of noble gases and sampling of particulates and iodine after the LOCA accidents. The air sample is taken from the ventilation stack or the containment of nuclear facilities.

Two basic models are available: GEMS-413 (with NGD-13 detector) and GEMS-414 (with NGD-14 detector).

The main components of the monitor are:

  • heated stainless steel routes with valves to distribute the measured air,
  • two parallel shielded chambers for sampling particulates and iodine (each chamber is equipped with a particulate filter and an iodine cartridge), including dose rate detectors,
  • the NGD-13 or NGD-14 detector for measuring the volume activity of radioactive noble gases,
  • redundant pumps,
  • a purge system with a separate pump or with a connection to a pressurized air distribution system,
  • a processing and display unit with 10 “touch screen,
  • a steel frame, ensuring seismic resistance of the system.
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