Waste Assay Monitor

WAM-200 monitors are intended for quantitative and qualitative characterization of radioactive waste deposited in drums.
Nuclear power plants
Waste management
Research centres

Key Features

  • Monitor configuration to customer requirements
  • Division of the measured waste drum into volume segments
  • Analysis of spectrometric data from each volume segment
  • Peak attenuation correction
  • Fast-Scan function
  • Detector with optional adjustable collimator
  • Integrated waste drum weighing
  • Integrated WAMIS data and control software


The WAM-200 series monitors are intended for the quantitative and qualitative characterization of radioactive waste with overall activity from 3 kBq to 3 TBq (for 60Co) deposited in drums.

The sophisticated WAMIS evaluation software allows the total barrel activity to be evaluated, including its distribution in the drum.

WAM-200 monitors can be customized to various customers’ requirements for measuring different types and sizes of waste drums, various waste activities in drums, different requirements for handling drums, etc.

Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.
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