Radiation Processing Unit

Modular unit for signal processing and local display of measured values from radiation detectors.
Nuclear power plants
Research centres

Key Features

  • Modular unit for signal processing and local display of measured values from radiation detectors
  • A wide range of radiation detectors can be connected to the RPU unit
  • Specific configurations for specific applications using plug-in rack modules
  • Display aimed for continuous operation
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • RPU functions can be classified according to EN 61226 standard
  • Protection against unauthorized changes of parameters
  • Basic optical and acoustic alarms as standard, an external alarm unit can be connected
  • Optionally, the RDU-12 Remote Display Unit can be connected
  • Various interfaces for connection to host systems
  • Data can be transmitted to two independent host systems (classified and/or non-classified)
  • Data can be transmitted via galvanically isolated interfaces - serial interfaces, analogue interfaces and relay outputs
  • Possibility of secure one-way communication when transferring data to a system with a lower classification.


The RPU processing units are modular units that and provide acquisition, processing, archiving and local display of data, control of radiation detectors, and the transmission of processed data to host radiation monitoring systems (RMS).

There are 4 basic types available:

  • RPU-04: Basic unit without display,
  • RPU-06: Basic unit with display,
  • RPU-12: Enhanced unit with display,
  • RDU-12: External display unit.

The RPU includes a rack with slots for inserting plug-ins that allow you to build the RPU configuration according to the needs of a particular radiation monitor.

Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.
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