Liquid Activity Monitor

Measurement of volumetric activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in process liquids in nuclear facilities.
Nuclear power plants
Research centres

Key Features

  • Measurement of volumetric activity of gammaemitting radionuclides in process liquids in nuclear facilities
  • Suitable for high temperatures
  • Off-line monitor – sample taken from a process pipeline flows continuously through a measurement chamber of the monitor
  • Optionally can provide safety classified function, category C, according to the EN 61226 standard
  • In-built Cs-137 check source


The monitor is intended for the measurement of volumetric activity of gamma radionuclides in liquids such as process waters in nuclear facilities during routine, accident and post-accident conditions.

The monitor assembly is composed of:

  • GD-51 gamma detector, including high  temperature gamma scintillator YAP Ø 1“×1,5“;
  • stainless steel flow-through measurement chamber with 60 mm diameter and 314 mm length,
  • 50 mm thick lead shielding,
  • check and stabilization source Cs-137 with the activity of 25 kBq,
  • radiation processing unit RPU-04 with a 1024- channel analyser for the processing of data from the detector.
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