Irradiator Gamma

A radionuclide irradiator, a source of a homogenous collimated beam of gamma radiation, suitable for SSDL laboratories.
Nuclear power plants
Calibration laboratories
Research centres

Key Features

  • Irradiator for three different radiation sources
  • Provides homogenous, collimated beam with dose rate of up to 1 Gy/h
  • Independent mechanical indicator of source carousel position
  • Fully automated irradiation process
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Integrated safety system


The IG-13 gamma irradiator fitted with appropriate radionuclide sources serves as a reference source of homogeneous collimated gamma-ray beam ranging from some tenths of μGy/hr to 1 Gy/hr. This type of equipment is normally used in metrology laboratories for the calibration of ambient gamma dose rate monitors and personal dosimeters.

IG-13 consists of a rotary carousel for up to three sources, and has lead shielding, a beam collimator, a mechanical source position indicator, a control unit and a safety and alarm system. The adjustable feet of the irradiator allow height adjustment of the collimated beam.

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