Desorption Unit

A device intended for water desorption from sorbents of silica gel type.
Nuclear power plants
Waste management
Research centres
Industry & manufactoring

Key Features

  • Desorption of various types of silica gel to allow subsequent lab assessment of tritium absorption using silica gel samples
  • Also allows re-cycling of the silica gel used in the V3H14C series samplers
  • The combination of an appropriate high temperature and negative pressure ensure a very high efficiency of desorption
  • The user can set the temperature and duration of the desorption process


The DJ-500 desorption unit completes the V3H14C for 3H and 14C monitoring in gaseous effluents from nuclear power plants or sites with research reactors. The sampler captures tritium in the form of a molecule of water in the hygroscopic material silica gel.

The Desorption Unit is intended for follow-up desorption of the water captured in samplers sorbent.

The basic principle of DJ-500 is to heat the silica gel in the drying box, so the water is released in the form of water vapor.


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